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360° Business Success Assessment and Recommendations

The BPI Strategy Group uses a hybrid advisement model to help our clients succeed. We are CEO Coaches, Executive Management Consultants and a Training Firm all at the same time. We advise CEOs on action steps to take to increase revenues, reduce sales and marketing costs and manage business risk; we consultant with management staff on best practices; and we train sales and marketing teams on tactics and strategies that work.

Through our Value Forward™ Business Growth Programs, we analyze your financial status, sales, marketing, corporate strategy and operations approaches and then develop specific action steps to increase your business success using our integrated company capture approach.

Win Business -- Grow Revenue

In today's economy, selling products and services is not easy. At the end of the day, getting new contracts or purchase orders is the key to growing your top line revenue.

We offer a broad range programs and services designed to help sales and marketing teams grow their business revenue and build scalable and replicable revenue capture programs. For those companies seeking to train a sales force, enhance their marketing capabilities or develop a new growth business strategy to be more successful in generating increased revenue, we offer personalized, private, in-house training and consulting programs. Each program can be custom designed for your product or service-based needs. Our programs and services are delivered to you and your team on your schedule.

360° Value Forward Business Model Success Program

The Value Forward 360° Business Model Success Program is a compressive detailed program designed to help companies integrate marketing, strategy and sales into one outbound revenue capture program.

Through our program, we evaluate your business from your prospect's point of view, then from the management team's point of view, and then recommend specific detailed action steps to close the gap between how you see yourself and how prospects see you. Once these recommendations are made and implemented, we then train your sales team based on these recommendations.

During our 360° program, we assess and make strategic and tactical recommendations on your marketing, branding, strategy, sales process, sales management, operations, product service pricing and naming, business metrics, management reporting, compensations plans, company name, marketing gaps analysis, partnerships and new business opportunities.

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